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Lulu & the Dance Detectives

Mystery at the Hotel Espanol

Illustrated by Lily Uivel

Published by Penguin

If you ever thought detectives can't be divas, you need to meet Lulu and her fabulous mystery-solving dance troupe! This illustrated chapter series is ideal for dance-mad emerging and confident readers.

Will Lulu and the Silver Stars deliver a stolen celebrity necklace and an unforgettable dance performance?

The Silver Star Dancers have landed a gig a dancing the flamenco at a very ritzy hotel. But before they know it, they’re entangled in the robbery of the hotel's most notable guest – Greta Honeyville, star of Recycled Wardrobe Makeover 4. Every last item of her fabulous recycled clothing collection has been swiped, as well as her signature piece, the famous heart-shaped dog-food-tin necklace.


Can the Silver Star Dancers catch the thief as well as perform an unforgettable flamenco?

Look out for more adventures of Lulu and the Dance Detectives!


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