Moving tamariki
through story and dance


Hī Hā is Sally’s exciting new collaboration with dance teacher Lleuarne Panoho. Our subscription-based online resource for primary schools fuses dance fitness and story, all while embracing accessible Māori language, culture and history.

All our stories include physical movement, from original ‘story dances’ and oral retellings of traditional Māori myths with fitness exercises to follow, to energetic classroom plays and full school productions with choreographed dance videos tailored to NZ primary school-aged tamariki. Each programme has a theme (e.g. Manu – birds, Taniwha, Taniwha!) and includes extra resources, e.g. art by New Zealand illustrators, creative writing exercises, New Zealand history and arts and crafts.

At Hī Hā, we believe that the imagination is a muscle too: the more you use it, the stronger it grows!