Picture Books


Ambulance Ambulance!

ill. Brian Lovelock

Walker Books

Bleep, bleep. Emergency!

News just through:

Crash, crash, there's been a crash.

Let's go crew!

Nee nar nee nar nee nar nee nar ...


When We Go Camping

ill. Cat Chapman

Walker Books

When we go camping, we bang in the pegs,

Bang in the pegs, bang in the pegs.

Guy ropes are tricky; they trip up our legs!

Smacketty tappetty bopp-io.


Zoo Train

ill. Daron Parton

Walker Books

All aboard the zoo train. Better keep your eyes open - this is a crazy zoo!


Catch That Plane!

ill. Sylvie Currin Korankova

Walker Books

Rushing to the airport, what do I see?

Plane at the gate, a-ready and a-steady.

I hope it's going to wait. We're late as late can be!



ill. Brian Lovelock

Walker Books

Hoist the wood. Hoist the wood.

Chain and hook and strap.

Swing it round, then lower it down.


The third book in the Roadworks and Demolition series, Construction offers more noisy fun, this time at a busy buliding site. And what are the construction workers building? A library, of course!

Storylines Notable Picture Book, 2015

Finalist, New Zealand Children's Book Awards (picture book category), 2015




Ben and the Icky-Ooky-Sticky-Smick

ill. Gary Venn

Walker Books

Ben's lost his pet icky-ooky-sticky-smick. And he is determined to find him. No other bug will do. No cribble-crabble-scuttle-snucks! Or lurky-murky-dottle-spots! Only his purple and velvety icky-ooky-sticky-smick...




ill. Brian Lovelock
Walker Books

Tip the stones. Tip the stones.

Lift and slide and dump.

Lay the groundwork for the road.


Winner of the picture book category, New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards, 2009.

Storylines Notable Picture Book, 2009

Available in hardback, paperback, board book and big book. Published in Maori as Mahiara (translated by Katerina Mataira).

"A truck-lover's dream come true." * - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)




ill. Brian Lovelock
Walker Books

Swing the ball. Swing the ball.

Thump and smash and whack.

Bring the top floors tumbling down.


Wrecking balls, crushers, dust and noise galore as an old building is demolished to make way for a playground! A companion to Roadworks.

Storylines Notable Picture Book, 2013

"Another visually and verbally emphatic delight for younger readers who are stuck on trucks" - John Peters, Booklist






Farmer John's Tractor

ill. Robyn Belton
Walker Books

Farmer John's tractor lies locked in the shed,

Rusty yet trusty and orangey-red...

A family is trapped in their car during a flood. But can Farmer John's tractor save the day?

Storylines Notable Picture Book, 2013



Crazy Kiwi Tops and Tails

ill. Dave Gunson

My beak has nostrils at the end -

It's useful, I suppose.

But don't you think it's kind of weird

To suck food up your nose?

Mix and match nearly 200 crazy creatures with this hilarious split-page book... and learn some fascinating facts about New Zealand animals along the way.



'A' is for All Black

ill. Scott Pearson

'A' is for All Black scoring a try.

'B' is for birds that have wings but can't fly...

This rhyming alphabet book is a real slice of Kiwiana - great for sending overseas!


Junior Fiction


Miniwings: Book One

Glitterwing's Book Week Blunder

ill. Kirsten Richards


Shhh ... Not for parents! You can keep a secret, right? Clara and I have a herd of tiny, talking, glitter-twinkly, flying horses - and they're real! It's true. Those naughty Miniwings get us into so much trouble. Who would have thought Book Week could end up such a magical mess!

The first in the Miniwings series, adorably illustrated in full colour by the extremely fabbo Kirsten Richards. Superdoochie!


Miniwings: Book Two

Whizz's Internet Oopsie

ill. Kirsten Richards


Shhh ... Not for parents! You can keep a secret, right? Clara and I have a herd of tiny, talking, whizzie-whooshy, flying horses - and they're real! It's true. Those naughty Miniwings get us into so much trouble. Who would have thought a computer game could lead to such classroom chaos?

The second book in the Miniwings series.

Watch out for Book Three: Miniwings: Oceana's Kitty Catastrophe, coming October 2017!


Diary of a Sea Lion

ill. Dave Gunson


I am the Cry Baby of the Beach.I am the Wimp of the Water. And I am not going in the sea. End of story.

When you're a sea lion too scared to swim, you get a fair bit of teasing. So instead, the Wuss of the Waves makes up exciting stories of sealers, shipwrecks and castaways. But when she finds herself in real danger, will she be brave enough to escape?




Diary of a Frog

ill. Dave Gunson


Can I help it if I'm beautiful? Can I help it if I'm talented? What can I do? I was hatched like this.

This is the hilarious diary of a young frog desperate to win the role of human princess in her school production of The Frog Prince. She's sure she's pretty enough (she has more warts than any other girls in class), but will she ever overcome her terrifying case of stage fright?



Diary of a Bat

ill. Dave Gunson

Outside the roost, the Shining begins. Then I hear something. It sounds like birdsong, but it can't be. No one goes out in the Shining, not without being frizzled... do they?

In this young bat's diary of life in his colony, everything is in reverse. School is held at night, you sleep upside down (and in the daytime), and you don't – ever – go out in the Shining. But our little bat is curious... dare he venture outside in daylight?




Diary of a Pukeko

ill. Dave Gunson

The Rail family is in mourning. Today is the fifth anniversary of the death of Great-Uncle Perky, whose life was tragically cut short by a pink Fiat Bambina outside the tearooms on State Highway One north of Wellsford.

Life in the wetlands is humorously told through the diary of a young pukeko, embarrassed about his patchy feathers (he's moulting), but determined to win the favour of the gorgeous Indigo Tuk-Tuk.



Charlotte Frisbee and the Slime Attack

ill. Philip Webb
Penguin (Kiwi Bite). Out of print.

At first there's only shadows and flickering shapes, but then something in the corner moves. I catch it in the torchlight and gasp.

Charlotte Frisbee is president of a secret club called PAWS (the Perfectly Amazing Word Society). But one day, strange things start to happen around the school. Where did the stinky green slime come from? Who stole the S's from the school sign and ripped the S section out of the dictionary?


Educational Readers (Learning Media)


My Brother

ill. Fifi Colston

My Sister

ill. Jennifer Cooper